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How to Play Kyoukai

Introduction - Summary and Winning
Kyoukai's field is a 5 x 5 Diamond of zones.
Cards are played at a 45 degree angle,
as both a reference to Isometric SRPGs
and a visual differentiator.

Each deck has an Entrant Card representing you,
Deck of 40 Gates, and a Spirit Deck.

Your Entrant starts the game in the corner of the
field closest to you, and your field will grow from there.

During your turn, you can Open and Summon Gates
to the zones next to your Entrant.
Use them to attack and move towards your Opponent.

Deal 20 damage to your opponent's Entrant to win the game!

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Field Setup
After shuffling your 40 Gate Deck, and placing your Entrant in its starting corner, also make sure you have room on the table for your:

  • Discard Pile - When a Gate is discarded from anywhere, it goes to your Discard Pile.
    This includes Summons and Spirits that have been dealt damage, or Gates discarded from your hand. The order of your Discard pile is not important.

  • Shattered Pile - Sometimes, Gates may become Shattered by an effect. Place those Gates in your Shattered Pile. The order of your Shattered Pile is not important.

  • Hand - Your hand is drawn from your deck, and you draw a new Gate each turn to add to it.
    Start each game by drawing 5 Gates from your Deck.
    This cannot be viewed by your Opponent, and has no maximum size, although at the end of each turn you must discard until you have no more than 6 Gates in Hand.

Final Thoughts
If you still have questions after reading through this rulebook and the FAQ, please reach out on the Kyoukai Patreon Discord, or you can reach me directly at as well, and I'll try to get back to you soon.

Without further ado,
Let's Open the Gate!
- Chris Lin

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