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This page will be updated as questions are asked during testing.

  • What does it mean when an effect "Places" a Gate?

    • Placing Gates and Opening them is different - to place a Gate, follow the surrounding effect text. It should give you a location and position (resting/ready) for the gate you place.
      Additionally, when placing a Gate, ignore its Open Costs or Effects.

  • Why do Branched Skills sometimes refer to Gates that are Branched from "This Gate"?

    • Branched Skills are treated as being the skill of the Gate they are branched from - and so they are worded as if they were printed onto that topmost Gate, with the Branch Gate having, in some sense, no text of its own.

    • In the same vein, if a Gate with no Branch Skill becomes branched from another Gate, it provides no benefit to the Gate it's branched from unless another effect says otherwise.

  • Multiple passive effects with the same activation timing are being triggered. What now?

    • The turn player can apply their continuous effects in any order they wish if they are all triggered at exactly the same time. Multiple effects triggered at the same time within another effect are still applied in order, WHILE resolving the effect that triggered them.

    • The non-turn player can then do the same if they also have effects to apply.

  • Multiple effects that add text to another effect are being triggered. What now?

    • If multiple passive effects are triggered simultaneously, by the same action, you can add the new text in any order you choose. 
      If multiple passive effects are triggered within the same effect resolution, but not simultaneously, add the new text in the order they are triggered. For example, if you use Passerby Pixie's Attack Action to attack a Basic Slime:
      The Pixie becomes rested, and thus its attack action gains the text to discard your Shattered Gate with an "Inheritance" Skill.
      Next, the damage is dealt to the Basic Slime, discarding it, and thus its attack action gains the text to Ready one of your Summons or Spirits.
      As the Attack action continues to resolve, you then discard a Shattered Gate,
      then Refresh something last.

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