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A 1v1 TCG referencing Isometric SRPGs.
by Chris Lin

Let the battle begin!

Take on the role of an Entrant, whose unique fighting style is represented by wildly different mechanics.

Card-built mechanics.
Kyoukai's core rules are relatively basic, with a reaction system that allows both players to take actions on each others' turns. This leaves the development of each deck's mechanics to the cards themselves - combined with beautiful Standees, Shoubu brings a level of physical, real-time immersion often missing from tabletop gaming. 

Here are the most current rules.


Kyoukai is built on an excitingly deep lore.

We'll be fleshing out the story and world of Kyoukai beyond the traditional scope of a card game, approaching it as one might approach an RPG setting - built off short stories released chapter by chapter, and flavor text on every card!

Check out a draft of the first chapter below.

Kyoukai Set 1 Scenario
Chapter 1 - Phoenix Dawn

        An isolated clearing opened before Jin, and a familiarity washed over him along with the unfiltered sun. The Ember's Pillar entered the dilapidated dojo he'd inherited along with his title, welcomed by his only family - Feng, his frail younger sister. She wiped sweat from her brow cheerfully while hanging clothes to dry.

        "You're back already Brother?" After battling sickness throughout her youth, she'd recently begun to help with chores around the house. Seeing her busy brought him comfort as he returned from hunting for their dinner.

        His reflection was
cut short as a glowing circle split the air between them, and a masked stranger stepped through. "Your inheritance is required elsewhere, Jin." As the stranger spoke, the siblings' unease grew, and the Pillar waited for an opportunity to violently reject this brazen offer. "Your sister is special. She starves in this Path, for the energy leaking from mine." He looked towards Feng, and suddenly, she crumpled. He continued as the Pillar rushed to his sister's side. "I can stop the leak whenever I please - or you can come with me, and earn as much of her health as you desire." He waved his hand towards her, and her color began to return. "I understand."

       With short words and fast resolve, the Pillar laid his sister in her bed and walked towards the Stranger. "A pleasure negotiating with you." The Gate shook with energy as the Stranger waved his hand toward it. "After you." Jin looked back at his sister for only a moment, before directing his determination back at the Gate in front of him. As he stepped through, the Stranger looked back towards Feng as well.

        "We'll be seeing you soon, Vessel." As he passed through the Gate as well, a girl exagerrating her weakness brimmed with curiosity towards her purpose and these strange words. As the Gate faded, she slipped through, determined to prove a capability all her own.

Art shown by Mark Reid, Kyoukai property of Chris Lin

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