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A 1v1 Anime Dueling Game,
by Chris Lin

Re;ACT successfully funded for $195k, December 2022!

Let the battle begin!

Take on the role of an Entrant, whose unique fighting style is represented by Standees and Decks with wildly different mechanics.

Card-built mechanics.
Shoubu's core rules are relatively basic, with a reaction system that allows both players to take actions on each others' turns. This leaves the development of each deck's mechanics to the cards themselves - combined with beautiful Standees, Shoubu brings a level of physical, real-time immersion often missing from tabletop gaming. 

Here are the most current rules.

Re;ACT is built on an excitingly deep lore.

We'll be fleshing out the story and world of Re;ACT beyond the traditional scope of a card game, approaching it as one might approach an open world RPG world - that means character design sheets and more! Each Entrant will even be getting a Piano Solo theme, to further build their characters.





8 Pre-built Entrant Decks, with Beautiful Designs

Each Entrant comes with a unique 30 card deck, tuned for immersive and thoughtful gameplay, with a focus on an intuitive flow, that lets you start making interesting decisions ASAP.

Art is still in progress - here's a preview of one of our Character Design Sheets:

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01 The Caligrapher Small Preview.png

Art shown by @wickedalucard, property of Brother Ming Games

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