An upcoming Card Battle Game,

by Chris Lin

Shoubu is currently in a new phase of development with a new team and publisher, on track for launch by May 2022. 

Let the battle begin!

Take on the role of an Entrant, whose unique fighting style is represented by unique cardpools with wildly different mechanics, defined fully by card effects, and not rules. 

Card-built mechanics.
Shoubu's core rules are relatively basic - see the quickstart video below. However, card effects work together to create new, additional layers of mechanics for each Entrant! That means less time before starting a game, and more time exploring the game itself.

Shoubu is built on an excitingly deep lore.

We'll be fleshing out the story and world of Shoubu beyond the traditional scope of a card game, approaching it as one might approach an open world RPG world - that means character design sheets, landscape sketches, and more! Follow us @AGFDesignFirm to see Shoubu's world expand.

Entrant cards that start the game on the field

give each player their own mechanics!

The Starter Deck Entrant's mechanics showcase the base rules of Shoubu. As interesting as the starter deck format has proven to be in testing, it still represents a simple fighter's style. 

Additional Entrants come with additional card pools, and each creates a new game within the rules of Shoubu, reflecting other familiar games. With life-based interaction and a grid with physical locations, nothing is off the table. Future entrants will emulate everything from Chess to Othello! Within the first four Entrants set to release in Season 1, Phoenix Dawn, the Ninja stands out, emulating the classic game of Memory.

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