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 Wallets aren't about storage - they're about delivery.

    Wallets these days are tight, compact things. They shy away from having a lot of pockets, forcing those of us who like using a few cards to take them all out just to find the right one.


     That's not how it should be. Wallets should be judged by their thickness and how easy they are to use. The Flip Wallet does both, and keeps everything you've got accessible without being any thicker than other modern wallets.

 Customizable to fit your unique style.

     Designed to be as personalizable as it is intuitive, The Flip Wallet's outside surfaces are home to custom plates that make it truly yours. Physical plates mean designs stay sharp no matter what you put them through. Get ready for a constantly growing collection of designs, along with the option of submitting your own.

 Every layer counts, and we've optimised each one.
 People are noticing Flip.

     It hasn't been around long, but it's already turning heads. Since its debut on the startup scene on October 2015, it won its first startup funding competition, and placed third in another. And there's still more to come - time stops for no one, and we're moving excitedly towards a Kickstarter launch slated for Late November.

October 2015

Third in Alumni Track

April 2016

 Every layer counts, and we've optimised each one.

     The Flip Wallet's main body is constructed from five primary materials. Two primary ones are paper, an icon of thinness, and a cutting-edge tent and camping backpack fabric, created to be as light and strong as possible. 

     That means The Flip Wallet is crazy strong while

remaining crazy thin. Similar layers

give every part of Flip the properties

they need, from tear and water 

resistance to creasability. 


      What are the other three? Well,

that's a secret. But each one was 

chosen for what it does, rather than what

it's usually used for, resulting in a wallet

that's thinner, stronger, and more complex

than any single-material design could be.

     The opening of signups for Flip's Beta Test also received a suprisingly large and diverse response - over 75 signups in the first two days. After capping the number of testers at 100, the test finished filling up within a few weeks, and I'm really excited to report a mostly successful launch on June 14th. There were a few hiccups, but we're working through them now. Hover over the map to get a clearer view of where all those testers were.

Stay in touch, and get the inside scoop on development! 

    Leave your name and email and we'll keep you updated as Flip starts approaching the market. Unfortunately, The Flip Wallet won't be available outside of its current Beta test until after Kickstarter launch - but sign up below, and we'll let you know as soon as it begins. Thanks for your interest!

Note: If your email isn't being accepted, there might be a space before or after something, and Wix has issues with that. Remove stuff like that and you're good to go!

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