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Transform your game.

Arsenal safely stores the following in an unbelievably accessible, compact package:

+ Up to 140 double-sleeved Magic-sized cards (KMC brand sleeves).
+ 2 Dice Boxes ( 2.7" x 2.4" x 1.6" ) 
+ 24 x 13.5 inch Single Player Cloth Mat

Ease of use is in the details.

Arsenal has been designed with practicality foremost in mind - an unbelievable slim profile that unfolds for play in seconds, a non-slip cloth mat, and easy to access storage for cards and dice, keep everything you need to play any TCG within arm's reach.

Arsenal 3.6 OpenBack_edited

Comparable in size to current deck boxes.

Even with a full sized cloth mat and dice, Arsenal manages to be compact enough to sit naturally with your other deck boxes.


Cloth mats with screen-printed original art.

Each Arsenal mat will feature original designs, screen printed onto tough microfiber, with a thin rubber backing that keeps it from sliding a table, and allows it to fold quickly and neatly. Our fabric has been chosen specifically to allow for consistent folding without creating gameplay-affecting creases.


Engineered through years of personal experience.

Prototypes of Arsenal have been crafted for personal use for over half a decade - countless features and designs have been made for use in Yugioh, Magic, and Pokemon, and the best of those have been refined and integrated into Arsenal. Here are some examples of past design:


© 2017 by AlabasterGoldfish 
Fonts are everything. The ones used on this page are:

Cocomat by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini + Francesco Canovaro + Debora Manetti
Raleway by Matt McInerney

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